VastSocial v3
The VastSocial web platform is at the core of many of our new projects. It is designed to help you efficiently train and support large numbers of users across (potentially) many client communities.  If you're a small team with a big vision that you want to deliver to many clients or partner communities around the world, then VastSocial has been absolutely designed for you.
VastSocial v3 offers faster onboarding of your clients' users along with the tools to help you automatically train teams of users and provide real time reporting to your clients on how ready their departments and staff are to implement your innovative new practices. It also features tools to help you coordinate your mission, gain user feedback and to empower your users to spread the word in their industry about what you're offering. Contact us for a demonstration.
VastWorlds: Now built on Unity & WebGL
3D on the web and on mobile is now here to stay. No more slow unresponsive applications. No more problems delivering 3D applications into corporate environments. Virtual worlds, interactive 3D applications and 3D collaboration tools can run on iPads and mobile devices as well as being easily accessed directly via web browsers. 
We've been experts in this field since we started in 2007 and we know a lot about what works and what doesn't. Talk to us before you commence any 3D project designed for broad use in the Enterprise.
OpenAvatar v2
How can you create a standardized way to generate 3D models that can be customized by individual users? OpenAvatar is an open specification for doing this. OpenAvatar v2 is a commercial library to support this in your 3D project.
Compelling training experiences
Providing users with a compelling and unique experience is key to engaging them. We're excited about new tools such as the Oculus Rift. We'd love to give you a demo so you can see what we mean! The world of training is changing forever as affordable tools hit the market such as the Oculus, Kinect, LeapMotion, large touch screens, GoPro cameras, Google Glass and Brain Computer Interfaces such as Emotiv. 
HTML 4 & 5
We love providing the latest and greatest, but what about people who are inside large organizations using old computers and old browsers. We want to give everyone a good experience and so we test that our projects can work as widely as is practical for each project.
Responsive web design
We build software that works across all the platforms you need. One of the most cost-effective methods of doing this is to employ responsive web design techniques that enable the application to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device that the user is using.
Multi-screen training simulations 
An opportunity exists today to immerse a team of people in a low cost high return training simulation using multiple devices. This approach is fantastic for enabling teams to collaborate together through the challenge of a simulation. You can use any meeting room available without requiring preparation. We can use a TV, iPad and other devices to all represent information about the challenge and information can be triggered over time or based on actions. In this way, a group of people can work together experiencing one simulated reality.