Whether you're in a big organization or a little start-up, you are an innovator. To succeed in reaching your goals, you need a core committed team supporting you. We think a hallmark of successful innovation is a core team with a clear vision. Here's some of the projects we've delivered recently by partnering with innovative teams. 
SIBRâ„¢ eTrainer
Through a close partnership with our clients Clinicion Pty Ltd and Centripital Inc, we are helping change the way hospital wards are run around the world. 
We are designing a website and a custom VastSocial server and interactive trainer to promote and train a targeted audience of hospital managers, doctors and nurses who are then excited and empowered to spread the message of this patient-centric care revolution.
Mental Health Online
The Mental Health Online communication platform was developed for the National eTherapy Centre at Swinburne University. It is the first Australian service designed to enable people to access and speak with a therapist online directly via either a web page or mobile app.
Our platform features a secure virtual environment and communication platform consisting of several "virtual rooms". The most recent update features a mobile app and an easy-to-use Avatar customization tool.
Nursim is an online immersive virtual simulation lab for nursing students. It dramatically saves on trainer time and allows remote training of students via web-connected computers. The project was built by VastPark in a joint venture with the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, through the affiliated Australian Centre for Health Innovation (CHI). Nursim was successfully trialed in 2013 by Latrobe University and  results showed that students using the tool outperformed peers who trained in a traditional simulator lab. 
Groupia is a web-based 3D tool for collaborative urban planning. The study aims to demonstrate the practical application of 3D learning environments in education.  VastPark designed the generic 3D framework built on top of VastWorlds v3 running in Unity with support for collaboration between a team of students and real-time data feeds from the MUtopia simulation server.  The project is sponsored by the University of Melbourne and funded by IBES (The Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society).
The VEPIT Maths project is a prototype project created for the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education. It consists of a virtual classroom environment and community of practice site, promoting improved Mathematics teacher training. 
Military customers
We have provided our services to a number of military customers. Our expertise in avatar generation and web-based 3D platforms have led to repeat engagements.
We often have a representative at major military simulation conferences such as I/ITSEC and ITEC. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our services or meeting at an upcoming event.