Our services
Your own expert team
When you're beginning a journey based on a big goal, you really need people around you that you trust and enjoy working with. We feel the same. If you believe your project is significantly innovative then the journey is likely to be longer and harder than you might plan for. Having a team onboard who understand and are committed to your vision is so important. 
We provide you with a caring and expert team as if they were your own staff. We like to work with clients throughout the life of each project and we want you to know that  we're supporting you all the way. 
More than just training tools
Our unusual set of skills make us valuable if you are needing to provide highly engaging (and potentially automated) single user and team-based training. We have combined a range of disciplines to produce a new approach to training which has been independently tested to be extremely effective. 
Training data can be integrated into the rest of your business. This is becoming inevitable due to SCORM's new TinCan protocol. What the new version of SCORM enables is that, we could build a training tool for one of your organization's departments today and save you a lot of money and headaches in the future if you decide later on that your next HR system must incorporate results from your various different training systems. 
More than just technology consulting
We offer more than a technology consulting and staffing solution for partners. Our skill-set includes 360 degree strategy development including branding, social media marketing, funding application support and strategy that covers lead capture, sales conversion, onboarding clients, training users, community building and analytics with the intention that your service can become a core aspect of your industry's innovation cycle moving forwards.
Plain English presentations
At times, new ideas that involve complex technology need to be explained without dumbing down or glossing over the complexities. It's important to create your message in a way that holds up to the scrutiny of high level management and detail-orientated IT folk. We're happy to help. VastPark's award winning team have presented at international conferences, forums, universities and online. We can work with you to design a talk or presentation to engage your organization, your team, your stakeholders, funding body or investors. 
Web-based tools and mobile apps
As technology and design experts, we have built VastSocial, our social training tool as well as a variety of communication, collaboration and training applications and websites.Contact us for a demonstration of our capabilities.
We are able to guide you on how to wow your organization but also what is possible to deliver and when.
Immersive Experience tools
We have years of experience in immersive simulation training and virtual worlds. We use the latest technology such as VastWorlds built on Unity and special networking technology that suits Enterprise firewalls. We know the challenges involved in delivering cutting edge technology into organizations and have built up a set of methods to support successful delivery and adoption.
We can now create immersive experiences not previously possible or affordable.
Avatar design  &  OpenAvatar
We can design and develop avatars and avatar systems.
How can you create a standardized way to generate 3D models that can be customized by individual users? OpenAvatar is an open specification for doing this. OpenAvatar v2 is a commercial library to support this in your 3D project.