A web/mobile/digital agency for innovation
With years of experience in social training tools and virtual worlds, we’re unique in both our passions and our approach to partnering closely with our clients.
Our Services
If you are ready to get your big idea off the ground, we can help you from start to finish. Whether you are seeking to provide a specific training experience or you need a global roll-out platform to help lots of organizations adopt your big idea, we can provide you with the support and expertise you're needing to compliment your team: 360 degree strategic thinking, design, 3D, training content, video content and web & mobile development. Our partnering style is to alignment our team with yours so that everyone is highly motivated and working together effectively. We want to support you all the way!

Interested in offering better training experiences? Our approach to training teams and individuals is drawn from neuroergonomics, gamification, simulation, decision analysis and other areas of research. We are keen to develop and utilize evidence-based approaches and can help you prove the value of your training as well as increase your capacity.
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We've worked with start-ups, large organizations and government agencies across various sectors including healthcare, education and defense. We pride ourselves on working with good people who are aiming to make a positive difference.
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The Lab
Since our beginning in 2007 we've built innovative software technology and designed content that aims to connect and engage people in a deeper way. The Web is now coming alive with new possibilities that were previously expensive or impossible to deliver only a few years ago. 

Given that our mission is to help small teams deliver their innovations to a large global community, we know that the technology must make things easier. Therefore, while we love technology, it must be something we can we deliver which proves reliable and simple to use. 
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